Kopozky – The Jubilee Book

10 Years of Kopozky

August 2016 – ten years since Mr Kopozky and his team entered the stage and had their first little adventure at kopozky.net. They’ve never stopped bustling around since and keep showing how web business really and earnestly is.

In an ordinary mortal’s life such an anniversary is quite a rare event – a good occasion to publish a neat jubilee book!

We created a classy hardcover book of 100 pages, bound in black cloth and packed with a fine mixture of nonsense, thought, and plenty of “eye candy”.

The book contains:

  • the first long comic story from the Kopozky universe (a full 90 b/w panels), created exclusively for the book,
  • the best 30 strips from 10 years,
  • lots of scribbles, anecdotes, and trivia,
  • interviews with Mr Kopozky and his six companions,
  • an introductory (strictly scientific) retrospective of web business in 2006,
  • a foreword by Jens Meiert, and
  • an epilogue with a coloured 3-panel strip exclusively made for this book.

For yourself – as a present for friends, colleagues or clients – for the coffee table in your office.