Privacy and Data Protection

Privacy and Data Protection

This website does not collect any personal data.

It does not use scripts or tools for tracking or for generating statistics. Nor does it set cookies. Nor does it record the identity or actions of visitors by any other means.

Again: no collection of personal data.

On the part of the web hosting provider on whose server this website runs, only the so-called server log files are created. These log files, too, are anonymised, i.e. the visitors’ IP addresses do not get recorded.

Only the following data get recorded in the log for every page request:

  • date and time
  • URL (and request type)
  • status code of the response
  • size of the served response (in bytes)
  • type and version of the requesting user agent (i.e. the browser or RSS client or the like)
  • the referrer URL

These log data cannot be matched to specific persons. And there is no merging of these data with any other conceivable data sources.

Content Liability

Liable for the content of this website is:

Andreas Dölling
Neuer Graben 57
44139 Dortmund

E-Mail: {see}